Source code for ecs_files_composer.cli

#  -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
# Copyright 2020-2021 John Mille<>

"""Console script for ecs_files_composer."""
import argparse
import sys
from os import environ

from ecs_files_composer.common import LOG
from ecs_files_composer.ecs_files_composer import init_config, start_jobs

[docs]def main(): """Console script for ecs_files_composer.""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() options = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() options.add_argument( "-f", "--from-file", help="Configuration for execution from a file", type=str, required=False, dest="file_path", ) options.add_argument( "-e", "--from-env-var", dest="env_var", required=False, help="Configuration for execution is in an environment variable", ) options.add_argument( "--from-ssm", dest="ssm_config", help="Configuration for execution is in an SSM Parameter", required=False, ) options.add_argument( "--from-s3", dest="s3_config", required=False, help="Configuration for execution is in an S3", ) options.add_argument( "--from-secrets", dest="secret_config", required=False, help="Configuration for execution is in an AWS Secrets Manager", ) parser.add_argument( "--role-arn", help="The Role ARN to use for the configuration initialization", required=False, ) parser.add_argument( "--decode-base64", help="Whether the source config is in base64 encoded", action="store_true", required=False, default=False, ) parser.add_argument( "--context", help="Indicate which context to use (valid: jinja2|plain). Default is jinja2", required=False, default="jinja2", ) parser.add_argument("_", nargs="*") args = parser.parse_args() print("Arguments: " + str(args._)) if not ( args.env_var or args.ssm_config or args.s3_config or args.file_path ) and environ.get("ECS_CONFIG_CONTENT", None):"Using default env variable ECS_CONFIG_CONTENT") config = init_config( env_var="ECS_CONFIG_CONTENT", decode_base64=bool(environ.get("DECODE_BASE64", False)), context=environ.get("context", "jinja2"), ) elif args.env_var: config = init_config( env_var=args.env_var, decode_base64=args.decode_base64, context=args.context, ) elif args.file_path: config = init_config( file_path=args.file_path, decode_base64=args.decode_base64, context=args.context, ) elif args.ssm_config: config = init_config( ssm_parameter=args.ssm_config, decode_base64=args.decode_base64, context=args.context, ) elif args.s3_config: config = init_config( s3_config=args.s3_config, decode_base64=args.decode_base64, context=args.context, ) elif args.secret_config: config = init_config( secret_config=args.secret_config, decode_base64=args.decode_base64, context=args.context, ) else: raise parser.error( "You must specify where the execution configuration comes from or set ECS_CONFIG_CONTENT." ) start_jobs(config) return 0
if __name__ == "__main__": sys.exit(main()) # pragma: no cover